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Our History

The Food Cupboard has a long history in this location. It started as a simple food cupboard in the Nelson United Church’s secretary’s office and over the years has become the independent Nelson Community Food Centre with a host of programs.

In early 2001, the Nelson United Church, a member of the Nelson Food Coalition, opened its Food Cupboard doors under the direction of Tim Powell who coordinated many volunteers working on the church’s behalf. The number of people using the church’s food cupboard had overwhelmed its staff, and so Tim rose to the occasion to lead the Food Cupboard down a new path.

Demand for the service grew quickly, so in 2003, it was decided that the Nelson Food Coalition would assume responsibility for the Food Cupboard and it would become a non-denominational food bank. Working under Nelson & District Community Resources Society, as the umbrella organization, it was eligible for funding from Service Canada for three years. During this period the Nelson Food Coalition became a registered society in BC.

When this major funding opportunity ceased to exist in 2006, Board members decided the Food Cupboard would manage best on its own. In the fall of 2006, this proposal passed at a special meeting of the Nelson Food Coalition Society and thus the Nelson Community Food Centre came into being.

Since then, the Nelson Community Food Centre has become a registered charity, expanded its program range, and has facilitated many community based food security events.