We are accepting limited food donations once again.

 If you are thinking of making a donation, please call us at 250 354 1633 to ensure we can put your generosity to good use.

You can make a difference by donating healthy food, and an even bigger difference by inspiring friends, family members or colleagues to join you in making a donation.

  • Organize a food raiser through your business, community group or school.
  • Donate perishable or non-perishable food. For food ideas please see The Top 10 Most Wanted Foods. Perishable food such as dairy products and fresh produce are welcome donations, but please check with us to ensure we have adequate fridge space.
  • Donate surplus garden produce as it ripens.
  • Grow a Row or patch of your garden specifically to donate to the  Food Centre and drop it off as it ripens.
  • Don’t have a garden? You can still donate fresh produce by Buying a Row.

Please note that we cannot accept food that is out of date, packaged food that has been opened, nor home canning.

Buy a Row

This is a fantastic way to support a local farmer and the Nelson Community Food Centre at the same time.  During the growing season you choose how long of a row of a certain vegetable you would like to purchase, and send us a cheque. We order it from a local farmer and send you a charitable receipt.  Everyone wins – we support local producers at the same time as stocking the Food Centre with nutritious, fresh, local food.  Please contact us at (250)354-1633 to choose your veggies!

Lettuce Rows

Top 10 Most Wanted—note that, at this time we are focussing on providing for program participants who are unable to cook.

1Granola bars and/or power bars

2Fish: canned salmon, tuna, sardines

3Dried fruit, raisins, nuts and seeds

4 Sugar and salt-free peanut butter and other nut butters

5 Instant oatmeal and cereals

6mins/Ensure or mins/Ensure or Boost6 Almond, rice and soy beverages

7 Instant Noodles – ramen, noodle cups

8 Crackers

9Vitamins/Ensure or Boost

10 Juice boxes