Our Team

Jessica Chant - Executive Director

There’s nothing that Jess loves more than bringing people together to eat and build community. Jess brings her extensive not-for-profit management skills to the table, including a love of budgets, grant-writing and leading people to do good things.
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Andrew Creighton

Andrew Creighton - Community Relations Manager

Andrew, who has a background in marketing and communications, is a lover of good food and the power it has to bring people of all stripes together. At the Food Centre, he keeps busy communicating the great things going on (and raising the funds to help make it happen).
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Amy Villeneuve

Amy Villeneuve - Food Bank Coordinator

Beginning at NCFC as a volunteer, Amy’s positive energy and passion for things like poverty reduction, food security and community led her to this position. She is excited about helping people connect through offering a welcoming space and access to good food.
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Sherri Kyle - Volunteer Coordinator

Meet Sherri, whose many travels have not only exposed her to a multitude of flavours but also to how food brings communities together. She keeps busy at the Food Centre coordinating volunteers and running the Kids’ Cooking Club where she shares her love of food.
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Michaela Woeller

Michaela Woeller - Coordinator

Soon after Michaela started volunteering at the Nelson Community Food Center, she realized her true calling; connecting over good food and making it accessible to all. Michaela hosts cooking classes, demonstrates simple and healthy recipes during the Good Food Bank and coordinates the monthly community dinners.
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