In June 2015, staff and board members of the Nelson Community Food Centre met to renew the organization’s strategic direction for the next five years.

The Community Food Assessment the organization undertook in late-2014, customer surveys, and best practices in the sector were all considered.

Until this point, the main focus of the Nelson Community Food Centre was the food bank program with other programs operating to support the food bank, even if they had broader objectives and benefits. At the 2015 strategic planning sessions, it was decided that while the Society would continue to operate the food bank to high standards, it would also commit to offering a more diverse range of programming to have a deeper impact on the lives of the people the organization serves – more upstream programming, so to speak.

To make it all happen, the following five year goals were identified:

  • Increase ways to acquire, grow and produce food,
  • Diversify accessibility opportunities for food,
  • Engage in issues at the systemic level,
  • Create customer capacity building opportunities, and
  • Improve the physical space (short term and long term options).

The full report can be found here: Strategic Plan 2015-2020