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The ‘No-Cook Program’ is a project that was conceived by the Nelson Committee on Homelessness (NCOH) through Nelson CARES Society and delivered by the Nelson Community Food Centre and Street Outreach – Nelson Community Services. 

The No – Cook program was initiated to address food security for individuals precariously housed in motels with limited access to a kitchen or cooking supplies. The hampers were created to provide simple, nutritious food items that required minimal to no cooking. Hamper items included: protein drinks, instant oatmeal, soups, apple sauce, crackers, oranges, bananas, fruit cups, sandwiches …etc.  

Since Spring of 2024, the No-Cook program has evolved to support marginalized community members with basic meals. The Nelson Community Food Centre is looking to develop this program, and provide meals to individuals multiple times a week, with the support of Street Outreach – Nelson Community Services to deliver the meals.

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