GARDEN Volunteers



The Nelson Community Food Centre Garden is where vegetables are grown for our Good Food Bank and Food Skills programs. It is one more way we are trying to address community food security from many angles – people of low incomes have access to fresh, organic produce; we’re growing the produce instead of buying vegetables trucked in from elsewhere; and gardeners are learning valuable skills.
Date: Throughout the Spring and Summer
Location: 602 Silica Street
Nelson, BC, V1L 4N1
The Nelson Community Food Centre is located in the lower hall of the Nelson United Church.
Thanks for your interest in the volunteering with the Nelson Community Food Centre Garden. 2021 is our second season taking full advantage of the new raised beds outside our HQ at 602 Silica.  Under the guidance of our garden coordinator, Emil, gardeners plant, care for and harvest vegetables, berries and herbs. Gardeners come from any of the Community Food Centres’ other three programs, and the general public. They claim the gardening experience is beneficial to their physical and mental health, appreciate having a way to give back, and are excited about the new skills they are acquiring.


As a first step, please click here and fill out this simple form so we can get an idea of your interests and skills. Next, watch our volunteer orientation video below, where Jess Chant (our executive director) will take you through our four programs. And….., at you right, there’s another slightly out-of-date video profiling our garden. 

Emil will be in touch with you after you have completed the form. We look forward to your help in the garden.  

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